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Art+Innovation Hub is a partnership between Majken Overgaard and Pernille Skov



Art+Innovation Hub (AIH) recognizes creative thinking, innovation and dynamic business models as inherent processes in contemporary art – from visual art, film and music to creative technologies and design.

In AIH we focus our activities on bringing contemporary art in front as an active, visible factor in growth and development, working equally with professionals and start-ups.

AIH works within two main areas: curatorial practice and business development.

In the curatorial practice, we initiate and manage projects, networks, exhibitions and events, working with companies, private partners and public institutions.

Working with business models, we help individual artists, organizations, projects and established businesses develop their business model all the way from the organizational structure to the financing model.

AIH also continues to investigate possibilities of new business models and financing opportunities for contemporary art and culture.



Art+ Innovation Hub is a stakeholder company owned by Majken Overgaard and Pernille Skov.

The primary visions for AIH is to bring contemporary art in use inside other industries and environments than the traditional contexts of contemporary art, as well as to help develop and build successful business models for artistic and creative practices.

Majken Overgaard and Pernille Skov both have extensive experience developing, curating and managing projects, where contemporary art is the dominant ingredient.

In her professional life, Majken Overgaard has mainly been focused on art, innovation and technology. She has worked as a facilitator and curator on a broad range of projects such as exhibitions, networks, workshops and residency projects and the development of various community-based websites. Majken is currently engaged as Special Advisor at the Technical University of Denmark, working with innovation, entrepreneurship, financing and fundraising as well as project development and management.

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Pernille started her first company in 2005. Along side AIH, she runs Contemporary Copenhagen, providing communication solutions and project development to the cultural sector. Pernille is also director at CAKI – Centre for Applied Artistic Innovation, where her work focuses on increasing interdisciplinarity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the higher arts educations in Denmark. Pernille is a member of the Advisory Board for the Department of Art and Cultural Science at the University of Copenhagen and the resource group for entrepreneurship education at the Royal School of Library and Information Science. She also holds a number of board positions in companies and organisations.

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We made a catalogue for New Garden City in English and Danish – get it HERE



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